About us!

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The main focus of the project is female hunters, hunting with free running dogs and hunting in the arctic wilderness both fall, winter and spring. The idea was born in February 2015 from the fact that the hunting sector is dominated by men. The thought developed over time to a marketing and product development idea including presenting the unique hunting in our area with female hunters from all over the world. Contact was sought with female hunters of renown both in Europe and other parts of the world with positive results.

The planned hunts entails moose hunting with free running dogs, brown bear hunting with free running dogs, capercaillie and black grouse both long distance top hunting with skis and with free running dogs, ptarmigan hunting in the mountains with free running dogs and beaver hunting.

The hunts will take place both above and just below the Arctic Circle, in a physically demanding environment. Large amounts of snow and extreme cold is expected during the winter hunts and the vast forested areas provide plenty of physical exertion. One partner in this project, Performance in Cold , will perform tests on the hunters and dogs, monitoring them to determine function of clothing and equipment. This will provide excellent opportunities for product development.